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Need Shopify Support? Want to talk to an experienced Shopify professional? Look no further! Operated by Shopify Alumni, we provide a range of support and consulting services for Shopify Merchants.

Our expertise covers a diverse range of Shopify store needs.
Explore the areas where we can lend our assistance.

Frequently Asked Questions

What if you're offline when I purchase Live Chat?

If you purchased our live chat option after hours, we'll reach out the next business day.

Keep in mind that there is a 5% restocking fee for refunds on services that have not started per our Refund Policy.

Why are you only offering limited hours?

As a one person operation based on the West Coast, I can only take on so much work in a day. I want to ensure I provide the best possible help for my clients.

The more work I get, the more likely that I'll be able to hire others to expand our hours. We appreciate the patience.

Are you Shopify Staff?

No, we are Shopify Partners. That said, we USED to be employed by the Mothership, so we've got a lot of great experience and skills for you to take advantage of!

Are you offering phone support?

Not at this time, but we are offering Voice based chat via our current support system.

We will be looking at offering Phone support in the future.

Are there monthly subscriptions available?

Not currently, but it's something we are interested in offering and will be looking into further.

Please stay tuned and sign up for our emails to be notified when Subscriptions are available.

You matter to us

Support Like It Used To Be

While we may not clock in every day with you, while you're working with us, we're like a member of your team.

Our goal is to provide quality customer service and support for all our offerings. We'll do what we can to help!

"Kray is literally the most knowledgable and skilled person i have ever encountered in ecommerce/online sales/marketing space…. And in 18 years I have dealt with dozens of people who claim to have my best interests in mind. None of them came close to Kray, he is a unicorn."