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Shopify Store Audit

Shopify Store Audit

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Turnaround Time: Within 7 business days

We'll review your online store to identify potential improvements, ensure performance, and drive higher conversions. You'll receive a comprehensive report detailing actionable recommendations tailored to your business, and we'll setup a 30min post audit review for you to ask questions about the results.

You will receive a 25+ page audit document when everything is done, along with a summary and priorities guide.

Here's some of the things we'll cover in your audit:

  • Mobile First Design
    We'll prioritize reviewing your website's mobile-first design approach. Even if you have a large audience that uses desktop still, it's important that your site works well on mobile devices. Just go out into public and look around you, how many people do you see with laptops and desktops vs mobile devices?

  • Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)
    Uncover opportunities to increase your sales. We'll provide suggestion to help convert more visitors into customers, increases your mailing list or increase your return customer rate!

  • User Experience (UX) Evaluation
    Enhance user satisfaction and boost sales by providing a seamless and delightful experience for your users. From your navigation to your content, it all contributes to the overall user experience. 

  • Tech Stack Evaluation
    Included with your audit will be a review of your tech stack. We want to ensure you're using the right tools for what you're trying to accomplish. 

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Insights
    Organic traffic is the most cost effective method of attracting new, and repeat, customers when done right. Let's make sure you're setup for success.

  • Security and Trustworthiness Check
    Build credibility and gain customer trust, fostering long-term relationships. We'll ensure your website comes across as professional and has the right pages and content to convey trust and professionalism.

Frequently Asked Questions

What experience do you have in conducting Shopify Audits?

As a former employee of Shopify, I have performed hundreds of store and tech stack audits for Shopify and Shopify Plus merchants.

Will the Store Audit report include actionable recommendations?

Absolutely! We will provide a range of items that can be actioned on your store, as well as other items to consider for future modification.

How long does a typical Store Audit take, and what do you provide?

Depending on our workload, it can take up to 7 business days to get your completed audit. You'll be provided with a multi-page PDF detailing what we've reviewed as well as our recommendations.

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