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Launch Consulting

Launch Consulting

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Turnaround Time: Dependent on Launch timeline

Not sure if you're going to be ready for your Go Live? We can help you prep and test for your launch and ensure you're ready to go.

There's nothing worse than driving a bunch of traffic to your store only to find out things weren't setup properly! We'll spend up to a week with you to ensure you've got everything ready to go, and we'll be there live when you unlock your store.

While we'll literally check and test hundreds of things before you go live (we'll even give you a list of what was tested) below you'll find a sample of what we'll do to ensure you're ready.

Some things we will check and test:

  • Customer Checkout
  • Discounts and Gift Cards
  • Payment options
  • Abandoned Checkouts
  • Customer Accounts
  • Newsletter/SMS sign up
  • Storefront Search
  • User Experience
  • Product organization (Navigation/Collections)
  • Tax Calculations
  • Domains/DNS
  • Shipping Rates (multiple addresses)
  • Local Pickup/Delivery (if setup)
  • Returns
  • Contact methods
  • Tracking methods (Analytics, Pixels, etc.)
  • Ensure consistent branding
  • Third-party App functionality
  • Broken Links
  • And more!

Frequently Asked Questions

How does launch consulting compare to a site audit?

Great question! Launch consulting is more of a hands on solution for brands/companies who are looking to go live. A site audit is more for existing brands that would like to know how they can improve their business.

How will we communicate with you throughout our Launch?

You'll be able to reach out via Email as well as Live Zoom/Google Meet. I am able to join your Slack Instance or other services you may be using to coordinate your launch as well.

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