What's New at Shopify - September 2023


Hi, I'm Kray from Get Helpify. Welcome to "What's New at Shopify," where I let you know about some of the new features on the Shopify platform.

Markets Pro users can now offer standard international shipping rates and purchase labels directly from DHL e-commerce. This gives merchants more options with their shipping.

Multiple domains can now be used on the primary market. If you're in Canada targeting English speakers with your domain.ca, you can now use subdomains like fr.yourdomain.ca to target French speakers in your market. Previously, only subfolders were available to achieve this.

Shopify Flow has improved its search functionality for flow templates. Now, using natural language search, it should be significantly easier to find the templates you're looking for.

UK and Ireland merchants can rejoice as the new POS Go hardware is now available in their area. This is welcome news, and we should start seeing it rolling out to more areas in the future.

POS received an update that allows you to set up staff members without an email address, making onboarding easier. It also now supports PIN numbers up to six digits, up from four previously.

A new free shipping discount now lets you offer free shipping without needing a code, script, or an app. The free shipping will be applied at checkout automatically.

Apps now have the ability to integrate further in the admin with admin actions. Keep an eye on the "more actions" menu in your Shopify admin to see which apps have released new capabilities.

Improvements to gift card management now allow you to view the gift card ID in your reports, helping you better understand the gift card usage in your store.

Shopify Inbox has been updated, allowing you to change the chat widget icon to better align with your branding. Additionally, filtering and sorting have become easier with the introduction of meta field reference type filtering options in your admin.

Lastly, the one-page checkout feature has started rolling out. You should start seeing your checkout update automatically over the next few weeks if it hasn't already been rolled out on your store.

That's it for September. Thanks for checking out "What's New at Shopify." Until next time!

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