What's New At Shopify - July 2023


Hey there I'm Kray from Get Helpify!

Welcome to what's new at Shopify where I let you know about some of the new features on the platform.

You can now automatically capture payment at the time of order fulfillment with the new automated payment capture option that's in your payment settings.

Local Pickup is now available as a shipping and delivery option for Draft Orders eliminating delivery costs and helping increase foot traffic to your retail stores.

You're now able to split and merge items in a single order adding more flexibility to your fulfillment.

With this update you can now fulfill partial orders or fulfill items across multiple locations. You're also now able to change the location or hold products for specific line items in an order during fulfillment, this allows you to better tailor the Fulfillment process to meet the needs of your business.

Longer processing time options are now available in the shipping and delivery settings too. These settings are used to calculate expected delivery dates at checkout for your customers. It's now possible to set your processing time to be up to 40 business days or up to eight weeks.

Streamline your fulfillment operations and get products to customers faster with new smart order routing. This new feature available to all Merchants with two or more locations prioritizes where an order gets fulfilled from based on a set of rules determined by you.

And of course editions summer 2023 happened on July 26th bringing a range of new features and coming soon features check out Shopify.com/editions for the full scoop and details.

If you want to know more about any of the features discussed today or features from Shopify in general just check out their documentation and or change log until next time I'm Kray from Get Helpify

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