What's New at Shopify - August 2023


Hi I'm Kray from Get Helpify!

Welcome to what's new at Shopify where I let you know about some of the new features on the platform.

US Merchants can now pay with credit card and draft orders when using Markets Pro. This eliminates the need of sending an extra invoice to the customer.

Markets Pro users can also now sell physical and digital goods in the same order to International customers.

US apparel Merchants will be happy to know that Shopify duties and import taxes now supports U.S clothing tax exemptions. Great news!

For those running multiple stores you can now go to settings click the icon next to your store name and upload your own icon to make it easier to identify which store you're in.

Automatic localization allows you to enable automatic redirection for region specific content. It's important to know that if you enable this using primary domain only, search engines will not be able to Index non-primary market content. Important to remember.

Shopify Flow has new triggers for Product Variant Back in Stock and Out of Stock, along with New Customer Tags Added and Removed which can help you simplify some of your Flows.

You can also get a better understanding of your asset usage with theme file usage in the Files section. You're now able to see by theme which files are being used, where.

Your Primary Market can now be customized. If your store is in Canada, previously your primary Market would be Canada in Canadian dollars. Now you can change this and customize it in ways that weren't previously possible.

Lastly you're now able to mark inventory as Unavailable. This allows you to designate inventory as Safety Stock, Quality Control, Damaged or Other. This update gives you better control over your inventory states for your locations.

That's it for this month! Thanks for checking out what's new at Shopify, until next time I'm Kray with Get Helpify.

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