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Shopify Theme Update

Shopify Theme Update

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Turnaround Time: 2-3 business days

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While many assume Themes are 'set and forget', Theme Developers release regular updates for security updates, bug fixes, performance updates and integrating new features from Shopify.

We'll make sure you're updated to the latest version of your theme*, ensure your content has moved over correctly** and ensure any apps you use are still integrated. While we will attempt to move over basic custom code additions, this is not a guarantee†.

Regardless of which theme version you are currently using we will update you to the newest version setting up all theme settings and configuring new sections along with the transfer of existing theme images and content.

Things we are not able to do with Theme Updates:

  • Migrating or adding products to your store.
  • Adding custom features to the theme.
  • Transfer Templates to Dynamic Content
  • Mix and match code with other themes.

*Version updates are point or whole number updates from the developers. Example: Upgrading from v7.0.3 to v8.3.1 would be considered a Theme Version Update. Upgrading from an OS1.0 to OS2.0 theme is not covered with this option.

**An updated version of your theme may have different design elements and aesthetics compared to the older version. We are not able to make modifications to 'roll back' part of your theme to match an older version. We'll do what we can to make them match with the available features and options in the theme without custom coding.

†When themes get updated, there are many places where the underlying code base will change, causing customizations to break or no longer function. We are not able to re-write your customizations for the new theme.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is OS2.0?

Online Store 2.0 is a set of features and feature improvements that make themes more flexible and easier to maintain. Older 'vintage' themes are no longer available from Shopify.

Why does the OS2.0 Upgrade cost more?

Online Store 2.0 themes were re-written from the ground up with a new code base. This means additional work is required to ensure the theme update goes smoothly and everything gets transferred over properly.

Will I still have access to my old theme?

Absolutely! When we upgrade your theme, we do so as an Additional theme in your library. This allows us to setup and test your theme (mostly) before it goes live.

Will there be any downtime with my store?

Possibly. Depending on the theme you're using and the features and apps you've got installed, we may need to do additional testing behind a password before going live. If this is required, we always try to keep it minimal and will let you know when it will happen.

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